sales dashboard

Need to see how your stores performed yesterday or last week ? Our SCR system simplify owners, franchisors, franchisees and managers to monitor globally or in detailed the sales performace of each of their shops.

Dashboard oveview


Combining pie, line and bar chart on the proper data for easy reading. Colors are used to separate each type of grouping. Hovering the chart will show the data details.

MTD sales instantly shown, with comparism of user seleted filtered data. Negative transaction such as VOID, REFUND and CORRECTIONS are shown to prevent cashier theft.

user filters

User can easily filters data by sales period (begining and ending date), Subsidiary, Location or even POS machines

group/item reports

Provide restaurant operator understanding on the kind of food or drinks that is selling most and pay attention to some that are not so well selling

For more details, item reports shows item best selling by quantity sold or money earned.

destinaton & subsidiary report

Destination groups transaction based on sales type, whether it is DINE-IN, TAKE AWAY, ON-LINE ORDERING, 3rd PARTY ONLINE and more. Now you know how you can promote your business better..

hourly sales on chart

You can easilly see when your business peaks and when you should balance the slow down in traffic with your hourly promotion.

detailed summary reports

While charts provide visual information, all sales by GROUP, by ITEM, by HOURLY are provided in detailed table format for further analysis.

Data are sortable by smallest or largest amount of money earned, qty sold or just by the natural order of the GROUP, ITEM, ITEM NAME and HOURS.

api interface to 3rd party / accounting


All data gathered by Sales Cloud Report (SRC) are easily shareable to third party application. SRC can easily and securly send XML file format to ACCOUNTING, FINANCE, FRANCHISEE report controller.